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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 1, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> there is no cause for celebration with today's jobs numbers, with millions of americans struggling to find work, make payments to their loans and their homes. and the president made no bones about it. speaking at a honeywell plant in minneapolis, minnesota, just a short time ago where he blamed congress for its failure to act. >> i sent congress a jobs bill last september full of the kinds of by partisan ideas that would have put our fellow americans back to work and help reinforce our economy against some of these outside shots. >> but for those hoping to evict the president from the white house, there is a smile beginning to emerge on certain political faces. like one mitt romney who today blamed the jobless number on the president's legislative achievements. >> unfortunately, you've had a president that has been more
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focused on his perspective of his historic legislative achievements than he has been focused on getting people back to work. jobs are job one for the presidency. and this president put in place obamacare which his own team concluded would slow the recovery and it has. >> romney went on to say he would kill obamacare, kill it daefld mitt is really feeling some mojo. the day after weighing bicoastal combat with a visit to solyndra, mitt romney is getting touchy and feely in a new set of ads that ask, what would be different about a romney presidency? >> from day one, president romney focuses on the deficit, unleashes america's energy resources and stands up to china on trade. president romney's leadership puts jobs first. there's something more than legislation in our new policy. it is the feeling we'll have that our country is back. >> yes, it's like that episode of star trek where mr. spock was suddenly overcome with emotions
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after an encounter with spores. >> you were told to report to me at once. >> i didn't want to, jim. >> with mr. romney as with mr. spock, there is usually a catalyst that allows his feelings to slip through. in romney's case that would be his complete lack of policy specifics. thus, he forced, he is forced to rely on bromides or outright lies. for example, his claim about the president and solyndra. >> he is also a symbol of a conflict of interest. an independent inspector general looked at this investment and concluded the administration had steered money to friends and family to campaign contributors. >> no. actually, that did not happen. as my colleague rachel maddow so forcefully demonstrated thursday night.
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what about his comments on unemployment. >> it is hard to call, what now, 39, 40 months of unemployment above 8% a success when even he said by now, he would be in the 6% range. by now, it is not. it is over 8. >> another lie. another outright falsehood. yet said with such confidence. which reminded us of shakespeare. one may smile and smile and be a villain. we've got a fan it's at a particular friday panel with us. in minneapolis, ana marie cox who knows shakespeare's works by heart. here in new york, steve, a senior writer for the and msnbc contributor, joy-at-bjoy-ann received receive. these were tough numbers for americans and for him but i guess romney is out popping the cork in california. >> it is a sad thing about an
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election like this. the republicans have to crow about bad things that are happening. >> i have to interrupt you very, very briefly. i'm so sorry. but george zimmerman's attorney is speaking in florida now so we have to take this live. >> i think it was 155 plus another 30, 185. i just don't keep the active daily track of it that i know you want me to. thanks very much. appreciate the time. thank you. >> that was george zimmerman's lawyer. george zimmerman's bail has been revoked today. can you tell us why that has happened? >> the prosecutor moved to have the bond revoke. furm, both zimmerman and his family pleaded indigence.
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they had no income coming in. his parents said while they do own a house, they had nothing. >> when you use the word indigent. >> poverty. they had no assets. >> no liquid capital. >> nothing they could sell. they said they had nothing they could sell tlafls mortgage on the house. george zimmerman was renting the house in sanford where he lived. he was not a homeowner. they had nothing they could sell but a car. they had no liquid assets so therefore, bail is based on the finances of the person requesting it. not the severity of the crime. so $150,000 was considered reasonable for someone who was indigent. >> thank you. the lawyers for the martin family are speaking now. >> finding that george zimmerman was addition honest is very important because his credibility is the most important thing in this entire case.
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remember, it is only george zimmerman's testimony that says trayvon martin attacked him. all the other objective evidence suggests that george zimmerman pursued and confronted trayvon martin. so that's why this is such an important ruling today. the credibility is the issue and we think it is the most important ruling so far in this entire case. >> the judge listened to that testimony and based on the evidence before him, made a ruling that he thought was appropriate based on the law. and it is important that we consider to make everything based on the law.
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i will say that trayvon's mother and father have said that zimmerman should remain in jail until we have the trial. and then everybody will have the evidence out there and that's apparent. that's a grieving parent saying i want the person who killed my son to be put in jail. they've always believed if the shoe was on the other foot, that trayvon martin would be put in jail in day one and he would not have been given bail. they've only asked for equal justice. nothing more, nothing less. >> [ inaudible ]. >> again, the parents have always said that they want the killer of their son to remain in custody until the trial. now, it would be based on the
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law and judge lester's ruling whether or not he will release george zimmerman. but he has to look at the evidence of what has transpired at that bond hearing and what has transpire based on the evidence he considered today. that the special prosecutor had presented through their office and their discovery. >> have you talk to sybrina? >> i'm looking forward to call them now. as you would expect, they have been watching this intensely. that is their son that died here. it is important to them for obvious reasons. when your son is killed and then there is all these things being said, you want to pay attention so you can defend your son's
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honor. that's all these parents are trying to do. they're doing what any other parent would have done in this situation. >> did we learn anything new -- >> i think it was important that one of the thing you saw the other day, on the day of the bond hearing, george zimmerman sat there and saw a parade of witnesses. a parade of testimony. with the sole intent of proving that he was -- >> we're watching an ad hoc news conference at the moment where benjamin crump has been speaking. the lawyer for the trayvon martin family. the news is that george zimmerman's bail has been revoked. and in 48 hours he'll be returned to custody after the prosecution said he lied about his personal assets and possession of a second passport. we'll be right back. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities,
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back to a war of words over disappointing job numbers in the month of may. unemployment inching up to 8.2%. the first rise in the jobless rate is something like 11 months. our panel is back with us. steve, majority leader eric cantor was on full display as you expect every month. he disappears. does nothing. the job numbers come up. when they're poor, he appears. here's what he had to say. >> these job numbers are pathetic. the american people really deserve better. and i think under the right leadership, we can do better. >> he talk about the right leadership. what is he if he's not leader of the house? does he have no responsibility? what about the americans jobs act that he intentionally throughout the process refused to do anything with. even when the president broke it down into small bite size. he is not the leader. >> the challenge for obama for
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the rest of this campaign. if there isn't a big jolt where we have explosive job growth. if this is what we're dealing with between now and november, it is absolutely critical for obama to make the case that, listen, last accept, a year ago, a year before this election, i put a real specific plan before congress that would have goosed growth in this country. it would have added jobs to the economy and they sat in their hands and did nothing. what the republicans are counting on, at a certain level, after three, four years after president obama being presented, people look around. they feel anxiety. there is an emotion that it is not. let's throw everything out and start over. that is a powerful emotion in politics. >> and it is very effective. it is happening in the moment. but joyann, even moody an it willics said if the american jobs act had passed, this is an independent economic an list, they said there would have been 2 million jobs create and 2% added to gdp within a year. >> right. the thing is, steve is exactly
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right. there is no incentive for republicans in congress to do anything to improve the jobs picture. because any uptick in the jobs picture is bad for their candidate for president. and i think you're seeing the ultimate cynicism. they would rather do abortion legislation which gets their base excited. at the same time they're going after this war on women stuff and these social issues which keeps their base engaged while refusing to do anything on the jobs issue. now they're hurting the president while getting their own base excited. >> amazing. we know congressional republicans's real agenda. do you remember this? >> our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term. >> so i guess it is going on every day as far as republicans are concern, isn't it? on that basis? >> yes. to go back to what they were saying, it has to do with just denying him everything. not just a second term but any kind of improvement in the economy that might be achieved
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through the legislation that the white house is trying to make happen. i really think this is interesting. by doing this, i think the implicit argument when they deny the opportunity to help create these jobs is to admit that the government can create jobs. there are things the government can do to help the economy. the republicans are keeping them from doing it. and instead, they're going on this weird orwellian tour saying that the very, very rich, what they are is job creators rather than wealth creators. people aren't seeing jobs being created. i do say that, this is something that is a winning issue for the republicans. it is hard to make the argument what if to anyone sitting down at the kitchen table and looking at what their personal economy is. i think that's something the republicans will have on their side. >> mitt romney began the week with some difficulties over his great best friend, donald trump, and the birther issue. but does romney come out with some momentum now as a result of these disappointing jobs
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numbers? >> honestly, yeah. if you're going to put a scale together about what will really matter and drive this election, at the end of the day, the economy will outweigh everything. i would look at these numbers and say these are bad numbers in terms of politics, these are not number that will cost in the election but what will happen with europe? what will happen in sub squep months? if we start seeing job losses. if we see the number climbing more. that's when we start saying mitt romney is the favorite. what i think we're starting to see is with each report that come out like this. the idea that at some point in july and august and september we'll see that big 400,000 job numbers. it will come down under 8%. that's the kind of thing that would save obama. that probably won't happen. the best case for obama at this case is a 50/50 campaign. >> final point to you, joe-ann. the president seem to be in some ways, muted. and then europe because of what's happening outside the country. neither of which this president has any control over.
3:18 pm
>> that's the irony. now you get to see why the president was so forceful at nato and trying to get europe to reverse itself from as i tarot. austerity is dragging down europe. his presidency is in a sense also at the mercy of europe and europe has pursued an anti-growth policy. so he has to get european leaders off austerity so europe can grow so then the united states can stop being dragged down and sapped by europe's economies. >> indeed. thank you all for joining us this friday. before we go to break, there are news this hour in the case against george zimmerman for the alleged murder of trayvon martin. a judge has revoked zimmerman's bond saying that the defendant engaged in a quote, material false hood involving his finances. we heard earlier from the martin family attorney as we go to break. here is zimmerman's attorney,
3:19 pm
mark o'mara from moments ago. >> i understand it is frustration because of the way it happen at the bond hearing. i do think that the zimmerman family was acting with the constraint they thought they had. i don't think they believed they had free access to that money and i think that was evident by the way they used it and didn't use it. i think it was compelling evidence, quite honestly, that they didn't go out and just use it to get him out that very day. on the other hand, i think judge lester runs a very tight courtroom, as well he should, and he was frustrated because he doesn't think that they were being as straightforward and as honest as he thought they should. the revocation of bond i hope is temporary. i hope he'll give a day in court to explain george's behavior and look at all the circumstances. even the discovery that has come out and determining what he will do about letting him back out on upon. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business...
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he remembered everything everybody said. >> what a difference a day makes. only one minute, lowly associate producer chris white is the toast of fox news. the next minute, thrown under the bus by his senior management. for what? >> more people have been put on food stamps by barack obama than any president in american history. >> we are becoming a society that makes poverty more comfortable. >> the taste of freedom. not so fast. the word that earned you that earned this rebuke from fox news executives. the package that aired on fox and friends was created by an associate producer and was not authorized at the senior executive level of the network. this has been addressed with the
3:24 pm
show's producers. so read the statement from programming chief bill shine. with that, poof, gone from the fox news website into the rubbish bin. though still alive online if you know where to look. far be it from us to criticize mr. white. it was a polished work of production and we salute his skills. let's be honest. the revelation of bias at fox news is not exactly a headline. what is revealing is that the executive class chose to hide behind mr. white for revealing something we already know. and so while the associate producer awaits his fate at fox news, we learn that he has lost out on another job offer because of this incident. which goes to prove one of the oldest lessons. life is neither fair nor balanced. stay with us. [ kate ] many women may not be properly absorbing
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mitt the unicorn, the donald goes birther berserk and the dark arts revealed. here are the top lines week in review. >> against no odds, he achieved the possible. >> very likely he will win. >> there is a republican microphone. >> this bloviating ignoramus. >> i've been known as being a very smart guy. >> i'm not a lifer. >> mitt romney is a small business guy. >> dinner with the donald for $3. give me a name. >> there are many people. >> donald, you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous. >> you sound ridiculous. >> i'm appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people. ? my twitter is very large. >> it has not been demonstrated that mitt romney is not a
3:29 pm
unicorn. >> he is a mipisces known for their nature. >> cameron was in jip land. >> let my people go! ♪ >> above the fruited plains ♪ >> i can tell that you the world is a safe place today. >> what do you fear? >> what is your fear? >> it's not -- >> i am dangerous. >> weakness is provocative. >> weakness incurs aggression. ? why don't you take that -- >> i kind of take great pleasure in. maybe it is the dark side. >> i am your father. >> where do we see michelle obama? sitting with david letterman. >> what's up? >> give it to me. >> your rendition of duplicity. >> you can't handle the truth. >> we're not going to sit back and play by very different
3:30 pm
rules. >> now you can ask, what would george do? >> i completely support 90% of where it is. >> okay. >> okay. let's get right to our panel now. we're joined now live from washington by julian epstein, also from washington, we're join by judson phillips, associate director of the let's talk about wisconsin and the recall election. a very spirited debate last night between governor walker and milwaukee mayor tom barrett. bill clinton appeared in milwaukee today. lots of outside interests, as you know. lots of money, too. is this a preview of the presidential election that we've been led to believe it is? >> it is quite the opposite, as you know. walker has about a five to seven-point lead depending on which poll you look at. obama has a five to seven-point lead. there's no real extrapolation
3:31 pm
ability to the president. first the republicans have outspent the democrats by at least 7-1. secondly, there is an enormous amount of fatigue after 15 months of this campaign by organized labor. and third, if you look at the polling, while many people don't like what walker has done, particularly with the public unions. they're not ready to go through an impeachment mechanism. so there's no real, you cannot really extrapolate what's happening in the race next tuesday to what's happening in the presidential. >> okay. bill clinton, i just mentioned him. let's take a listen to some of what he said today. listen to president clinton. >> you need a budget from the next governor that deals with whatever the realities are, but where there are shared responsibilities. shared sacrifice. not winner take all. >> so judson, what is wrong with
3:32 pm
that? shared responsibility. not winner take all. that's what president clinton spoke about today on the economy. do you have a problem with any of that? >> well, yeah. i have a problem were bill clinton throwing these talking points out and not sense. >> one moment, one moment. he was not just tossing out mindless points. he was about having a budget but shared responsibility. >> yeah. what he's done, what scott walker has done with the education repair bill is allowed the local school boards to cut their budget. often by millions of dollars by eliminating waste. eliminateding monopoly union health care plans. they were able to do it without raising tax or cutting teachers. that's a win for everybody involved except for the unions. the unions don't like it. tough luck. >> it is not such a win for firefighters, nurses and so on whose collective bargaining rights have been eviscerated. we've been talking about bill clinton this week. and as you know, bill clinton is
3:33 pm
being used by some people as a surrogate gone wrong. not unlike cory booker and deval patrick he was praising bain capital and so on. can i ask you, do democrats have a problem with discipline? because when i look at the campaign, i see boehner, mcconnell, cantor, romney, they're all together. they're celebrating the disappointing job number today like a chorus being conducted in unison. >> democrats for sure -- >> are they less disciplined? >> yes. we always have been less disciplined. i think there isn't as much a gap as people want to suggest between president and what the campaign has that. what the president simply said is that democrats are not attacking private equity. private equity does play a very useful role in the economy. and there is a limit to which you can go after the credibility
3:34 pm
of romney even though i think it is important to go after the credibility of him. and i think what the president is suggesting and what the white house will soon do is they have to paint a very clear picture and a choice between what future romney would offer versus what obama would offer. if you just look, and you can paint that by simply at the record of what obama has done. when he came into office, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. we're now gaining, if you look at the six-month average, notwithstanding today's news. about 200,000 jobs a month. we were at negative 9. we're now at about positive two. this is a positive swing of about a million jobs a month. we haven't seen that economic turn-around in our life times. to go to the tea party agenda which i think ever i know your guest espouses. that's what europe is trying and it is not working there. the tea party has utterly failed. they have utterly failed to put forward any coherent plan as to how we would reduce the deficit.
3:35 pm
and secondly, they failed to put forward a plan what to do to stimulate the economy. >> you have no coherent plans for anything in terms of the economy. do you? i'm asking you. do you? >> well, first of all i'm sitting here listening to what he has to say is there's lies and dam lies and democrat talk points. >> sorry, judd son, judson, judson. julian just offered you -- judson, julian just offered you some real statistics and some evidence, and these are evidenced by independent economics. these are not talking points that he's come up with. let's just put that to one side. i'm asking you -- >> there's a term for it. >> give us your economic policy. how do you think the deficit should be reduced? cut taxes to stimulate the economy. >> judson. judson. >> insanity is trying the same
3:36 pm
thing over and over again specking a different result. let's try something that has worked. >> judson is talking about something that could add trillions to the deficit. the bush tax cuts. the real answer to dealing with the deficit, even though that's the intermediate and long-term problem. the short term is joks. if you want to talk about debt and spending, the real problem is dealing with health care entitlement spending. the tea party has not only failed to identify where in medicaid and medicare they would cut but when obama cut $400 billion out of medicaid and medicare in the last cycle to pay for the health insurance plan, the tea party and many of its supporters and the republicans campaigned against him because of those cuts. so it is incoherent. the tea party agenda. and it is unable to explain exactly what it would do on the issue of deficit reduction and it has no plan when it comes to job creation other than this johnny one note. let's just keep the bush tax cuts will. >> i'm afraid we've run out of time but thank you both for joining us for this excellent
3:37 pm
discussion. and judson, because you've been slow to repay our bet, we have a little something for you. there it is, a big fat juicy steak with mitt brand right into it. i know you'll love stomaching that. it may even cause you to throw up. next, a writer from the daily show with a rewrite of the constitution. plus, mitt romney really was the governor of massachusetts. >> i think people recognize that i'm not a partisan republican. i'm someone who is moderate and my views are progressive. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪
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romney. yep. it's johnny pregnant pause versus captain chuckle buns. >> the daily show rewrote the rules for political satire so it should come as no surprise that one of the show's writers has decided it is time to rewrite the very rules of politics in his new book, me the people. one man's self-less quest to rewrite the constitution of the united states of america. and we're absolutely delighted that its author kevin bleyer is here. a quote from your book, you say what make a good president. your answer, quote, greatest presidents were a bunch of losers. so does that bode well for mr. romney or the president? the current president today given the jobs numbers? >> when you say it that way you make it seem so provocative. that's not a character trait. it is a pithy way of reminding people some of them had rather
3:42 pm
limited views in the rear view mirror and it isn't necessarily -- >> are you suggesting that making $250 million from bain capital is not necessarily an asset. >> >> i'm suggesting that when he said he might consider a constitutional amendment that would suggest that the presidents should have three years of business experience, i found that rather inspiring. because quite frankly, it is a clever tactic. make sure you reduce the number of people who are eligible until it merely describes you. i thought that was rather genius. >> that was very clever. >> one thing that i also discovered is you're suggesting a number of those who wrote the constitution were drauns because they did so. >> it is a fact of history that a number of the people in colonial era actually drank beer for breakfast. and there were a few of those delegates who drank enough to show up at the constitutional convention by the way in the middle of the summer in philadelphia in those heavy, heavy wigs having drank a lot
3:43 pm
and in fact gave five, six-hour speeches in which i'm sure they thought they were very charming. >> some might suggest this current congress would do better if it was entirely drunk. the congressional approval lies somewhere in your book between bed bugs and the ebola virus. and how the constitution was the result of a compromise. constitution compromised. embarrassed delegates return home in defeat, disgrace, disguise? how much are you describing the past three years? >> you have to pity the poor congress. they are not the most popular kids at the most popular table. i suggest what's some way that we as a society might be able to approve of them more? one option is to in fact make every person a congressman at birth. that way we're only hurting ourselves. and for that matter, if we suggest -- if they're all special interests, now we're all special interests. >> you did a great deal of research. >> as i call it, me search. >> sorry, forgive me.
3:44 pm
>> that's great. your self-centeredness is wonderful and it is so on the surface. you mentioned that you actually met for lunch with a supreme court justice as part of your research. that you sang with him. >> did i. i managed to say who would be on the face of the planet the person most amenable to a page one rewrite of the constitution. that would be justice scalia, who has devoted himself to every word of the constitution. we had a lovely lunch and a lovely salad at the gallery. >> did you have any alcohol as part of that? >> no. it wasn't breakfast. he did enjoy, i think, my change for the article iii which is that we no longer serve for lifetime tenure in the supreme court justices. and he in fact said that's fine. but as long as you grandfather me in. i think that's when we started to sing together. >> what did you sing? >> i believe the first few
3:45 pm
refrains of osolo mio. >> how did that go down in the restaurant? >> heads were turned. the man has a voice. you can imagine it. >> i can. i want to get to your rewrites. you've rewritten the preamble. you said it lacks zazz. what is that? >> a litany of very auspicious goals for the country. i thought what's some way people can get it memorized? above and beyond say, school house rock which has done a pretty good job with the constitution. i thought maybe a rhyming couplet or two. maybe something that will make sure kids learn in it nursery school, for that matter. >> and final question to you. from the perspective of the daily show. >> bring it. >> we've pro mode your book enough and i'm sick of doing that. it is an excellent book which i've started to read. >> he is sick of doing that. >> who is the funnier, the president or mitt romney? >> that's for society to decide. i happen to think the president is hillary just. not a surprise there because i
3:46 pm
in fact think he can deliver a line and he does that nice little thing, as the laster is dying down he chuckles to himself to make sure we all know everything is going to be okay. >> do you think mitt romney has a sense of humor? >> i don't know that he has one but i look forward to seeing it if he does. >> excellent. so do i. thank you for coming in. next, mitt romney's massachusetts miracle. but first -- >> we've had sobering and dismal job numbers really driving the major averages way down with less than 15 minutes left in trading on this friday, june 1st. the major averages are looking like this. the dow down 262 points. the s&p down 31. the nasdaq down 76. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. more of martin bashir after these messages. [ female announcer ] removing facial hair can be irritating.
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3:50 pm
i want folks in other states to look at us and thing, i wish i lived in massachusetts. i know we can do it. we just need leadership. it won't be easy. and i'll sure make my share of mistakes, but i'll work very hard to be a governor you can be proud of. >> that, of course, was mitt romney back in 2002 when he was running for governor of massachusetts. as you can see in that commercial, mr. romney promised to make his fair share of mistakes while in office and he managed to deliver on that promise, at least according to the people who live in that state. he's speaking out about romney's record in office. we're delighted to say he joins us now. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon, martin. thanks for having me back on the show. >> it's great to have you and your wonderful accent. we just saw mitt romney in that ad. he gives the impression of being active, serving sausage and recycling boxes, but is that the
3:51 pm
way people remember him in massachusetts today? >> he gives me more than an impression, he gives me the chills when i hear that. he failed miserably in the promises, he promised to grow the economy by creating jobs, cut government spending and reduce the death. we ranked from 36th to 47th in the country in growth, in job grow growth. he increased the size of government 6% and 200,000 residents left the commonwealth while he was governor. to take your accent, he was a titular governor in massachusetts. >> that's a very sweet of you to use an english accent. mitt romney talks all the time, as you know, about how terrible government is, he wants to shrink the size of government and all that. yet you say that the massachusetts state government was seventh in the nation in terms of how big it grew under mitt romney.
3:52 pm
>> it was 47th. the size of government crew. >> yes. >> 47% economic growth. he added more than 5,000 government jobs while he was governor. so it's a bit ironic. again, i'm not surprised it's mitt romney, a governor, who has a way with broken promises. that same message from 2002, the same smoke screen he's puffing around the country right now. >> mayor, final question to you. if mitt romney is really from massachusetts, why doesn't he have an accent like yours? >> well, it's funny because i hear governor romney speak and he talks about -- he doesn't speak of being the governor of massachusetts, just that he's from massachusetts. so i'm a bit confused. >> indeed. >> he has to realize that people are going to look at his record, and we should stick to the facts. >> indeed. >> his poll sis are the same type of policies that drove in economy to our knees in 2008. what we need are pragmatic, smart, long-term solutions that president obama has made in
3:53 pm
massachusetts governor deval patrick, today massachusetts unemployment rate is 5.3%. 3b.9 because of the very investment in infrastructure, education and long-term critical -- >> indeed. >> and thinking that we need. >> mayor joseph curtatone, thank you for joining us. [ female announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary new e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherever whenever investing. no matter what kind of investor you are, you'll find the technology to help you become a better one at e-trade. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness
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of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest
3:56 pm
may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. it's time now to clear the air. and as per usual, house majority leader eric cantor made his monthly appearance before the cameras today after the release of the latest job numbers. mr. cantor, who's opposed everything the president's tried to do from raising the debt ceiling to passing the america's jobs act, to celebrate his latest achievement.
3:57 pm
>> these job numbers are pathet pathetic, the american people really deserve better and on the right leadership we can do better. >> but mr. cantor is part of the leadership of this country. he's the majority leader in the house. i'm certain the word "leader" is on his business card. but leader cantor has done absolutely everything in his power to make sure that not one of the president's policies on job creation has ever seen the light of day. even when an independent analytics firm like moodys estimates that the american jobs act would create 2 million new jobs and raise gdp by a full two percentage points, mr. cantor prefers his own brand of leadership which is designed to crush job creation. and he's been joined by another leader in job crushing, the speaker of the house, mr. boehner, a man who also made his monthly appearance today. >> maybe the president ought to get out of the badminton game and get into the rugby game that's right in front of him.
3:58 pm
>> really? having played the sport of rugby for 30 years and having had the proverbial kicked out of me on several occasions where multiple orthopedic injuries, i can tell you that the speaker is far too much of a coward to ever go on a rugby field. but he's also a coward to own up to his role in ensuring that the economic of america is as fragile as it is today. so well done, mr. cantor and mr. boehner, congratulations. you always wanted to undermine the president, but what you've done is undermine the country. thanks so much for watching. dylan ratigan is here to take us forward. how are you doing? >> i'm okay. yourself? >> okay aside from the makeup today. >> it was not intended as it played out. i was simply defending your character, as you know. i don't like when they typecast british people to take about british things.
3:59 pm
hey, listen, when you go to america -- or when you go to america? when you go to england, do they cast americans to talk about american events? >> absolutely not. >> it's insulting. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> anything else you'd like to share while we're discussing this? >> just that we are separated by a common language. we are friends, the united kingdom and the united states and long may that continue. but the comments in makeup earlier today suggested that's not the case, and that's why i took some umbrage at them. >> and dare i say -- >> say it, because you will. maybe not today. >> far be it from me to suggest any cultural analysis between our two nations and, more importantly, there but for the grace of god go anyone who doth acquire the fury of martin bashir, rugby player, tough guy. >> and the


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